Professor Joan Guerola y Tolsà is a writer who lives imagining scenes where love, humor and death often intersect, as is the case in this novel, in which the suspicion of the main character is the guiding thread that the reader catches.

El Gat recreates, from legend and fantasy, the life of Mariano Seguí Calatayud, better known as the Kitten of Otos. Roder feared and loved, myth of the Valencian popular imaginary, which the author takes advantage of to denounce, with mastery, a certain irony and a nuance of a particular police story, the daily evils that manifested throughout the nineteenth century and, at the same time, to express in an allegory way the grotesque lie on which social facts are based. And in one way or another, in the form of a whirlpool, the thoughts of the protagonist follow one another.

Through eighteen intriguing chapters, the insumiso, the rebel, the poor thief, will not stop persecuting the most privileged sectors and those most benefited by the political situation of the moment.